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Our Clients Say

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"Your Animals Best Friend is a hidden treasure among dog daycares, and I'm delighted to share my extraordinary experience with this establishment. As a seasoned rescuer with decades of devotion to providing my dogs with the best care, my journey has led me through various dog daycares, albeit in a different state. My quest for the perfect place became necessary due to overcrowding or situational issues at previous locations. Upon my return to HB, I embarked on another search for a suitable dog daycare. I hesitated to reveal this well-kept secret, but here it is: after exploring every dog daycare in the city, I found my answer in Sherri and her team at Your Animals Best Friend. Don't be misled by the unassuming industrial exterior; this daycare is a slice of canine paradise. Sherri and her team not only embraced my troubled puppy and me with open arms but also tackled the challenge of addressing his severe separation anxiety. Their dedicated efforts led to a miraculous transformation. My once anxious pup is now affectionately known as "Wiggles" due to his excitement when we arrive at his 'home away from home.' Your Animals Best Friend feels like entrusting your dog to a beloved family who genuinely cares and loves your furry companion. Their distinctive business model sets them apart, making them the best dog daycare I've ever encountered. This hidden gem deserves recognition for its unparalleled dedication to our four-legged friends."

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