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The Dog House Social Club.

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-What Our Friends Say-

"Your Animals Best Friend is a hidden treasure among dog daycares, and I'm delighted to share my extraordinary experience with this establishment. As a seasoned rescuer with decades of devotion to providing my dogs with the best care, my journey has led me through various dog daycares, albeit in a different state. My quest for the perfect place became necessary due to overcrowding or situational issues at previous locations. Upon my return to HB, I embarked on another search for a suitable dog daycare. I hesitated to reveal this well-kept secret, but here it is: after exploring every dog daycare in the city, I found my answer in Sherri and her team at Your Animals Best Friend. Don't be misled by the unassuming industrial exterior; this daycare is a slice of canine paradise. Sherri and her team not only embraced my troubled puppy and me with open arms but also tackled the challenge of addressing his severe separation anxiety. Their dedicated efforts led to a miraculous transformation. My once anxious pup is now affectionately known as "Wiggles" due to his excitement when we arrive at his 'home away from home.' Your Animals Best Friend feels like entrusting your dog to a beloved family who genuinely cares and loves your furry companion. Their distinctive business model sets them apart, making them the best dog daycare I've ever encountered. This hidden gem deserves recognition for its unparalleled dedication to our four-legged friends." S.G. - Orange County

"This review is so long overdue, but I recently had my two littles in for boarding for the first time EVER!!  They passed their little temperment test, and that was it!  They were in boarding for three nights.  We were told that they did wonderfully.  Your Animals Best Friend came highly recommended, so I felt comfortable. I'm very watchful and protective of how people interact with my pups and was absolutely happy and comfortable about Sherry and her gauging their temperaments.  The pups did very well and received a good report when we picked them up.  The only thing I wished I'd done was to organize a way to be able to see them on the cameras while we were gone as that is something that is offered.  Next time! I recommend the boarding and daycare and will definitely be back." Melissa F. - Huntington Beach

"We are ecstatic that we found Sherri, Dan, and family at YABF! We were planning for months to add a puppy to our family in April 2020. Then COVID hit, so we got the puppy (Blue) a bit earlier and developed a "pandemic puppy" who was extremely resistant to crate training. As things started opening more in 2021, we got a second puppy (Belle) to keep Blue company since he'd never been home alone. My husband and I are active participants in HS and College basketball, creating year-round commitments and travel spanning all hours along with our regular jobs. A few pack walk friends highly recommended Sherri for daycare needs at highly flexible hours. I was nervous because Belle had developed overexcitement and leash aggression on walks. Blue had some quirks of his own. We are SO GLAD we went by to meet Sherri and Dan. The environment they have created at YABF is beautiful. There are no crates and their expertise with dogs is amazing. Sherri gave me regular updates regarding their progress slow socializing with other dogs, including sending pictures. When it's time to go to YABF, we tell Blue and Belle they are going to "school" and the excitement is incredible. They run to get there and come back beautifully exhausted. Sherri has been super flexible with scheduling. I had a vet emergency with Blue and she was able to take Belle for daycare on minutes notice. If either dog is on special restrictions, they take great care. I trust them 100% with my pups. I've referred several friends here and they have had similar incredible experiences. I literally cannot say enough about the caring first rate service provided at Your Animal's Best Friend. My only regret: that I didn't go to them sooner! Thank you to everyone there for taking such fantastic care of my babies when I'm away!!!" Amanda W. - Huntington Beach

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