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Friends In Need

Furry friends in need of someone new to call theirs forever.


One fateful afternoon, a distressing call from the nephew of our rescue director unveiled a heart-wrenching scene unfolding near his new home. After rushing to the scene and peeking through the fence, the sight was horrifying — a family of chained bloodied dogs covered from head to toe in wounds were attacking one another. And among them, one puppy, Miracle, bore the brunt of the brutality and was in by far the worst condition. 

Horrified by the scene that was unraveling in front of our eyes, we approached the home and knocked on the door to speak to the owner. A woman answered the door who barely spoke English, and we proceeded to communicate with her through a translator app and was told that the owner would be home in the evening. Later that evening, we returned back to the house. 

With compassion and urgency, we appealed to the owner, highlighting the dire need for intervention to prevent further harm to the dogs, especially Miracle. It was clear that surrendering these dogs was the only path forward to ensure their well-being, as Animal Control and the police had been unresponsive. Heartbroken that the owner only agreed to only relinquish the puppies, not the mom and dad, we took any win we could get and secured them with crates, whisking them away to a safer haven where medical attention and foster care could be arranged. 

Miracle his three siblings, and mom, are now safe under our rescue but we desperately need your support. As we strive to mend their physical and emotional wounds, we turn to our community for support. Your contribution can be the turning point in their lives, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness they've endured. Thank you in advance for any support you can provide, it truly means the world to us and this sweet family!


Chained, Blooded & Broken Puppy Gets Mauled Near Death By His Own Pup Family As Owner Does Nothing!

Want to make one of the puppies your furever friend?
*Drop us a line and we will reach out to see if you may be the right fit*

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